JDSU Edinburgh

JDSU are a global company based in California USA. They are the leading provider of communications test and measurement solutions and optical products for the telecommunications service providers, cable operators, network equipment manufacturers and enterprise customers.

JDSU needed to relocate their office accommodation in Scotland, but as with all Research and Development departments, they rely upon high performance servers, which in high density deployment can cause a significant cooling challenge.

As the room was a blank canvas and the servers had not yet been installed, a different approach to the usual under-floor cooling scheme was chosen. This was the APC inrow cooling solution with hot aisle containment.

APC are at the forefront of server room design and the selection of their in-row cooling together with their in-row power management and server racks allowed for a fully sealed high density rack arrangement while taking up minimum floor space.

The In-row cooling was DX based with remote condensers external to the building, this enabled for the maximum cooling duties to be extracted from the equipment in the smallest footprint.

As with all of today’s server room design the equipment is all N+1, including the condensers, pump sets and in-row cooling. The added challenge on this project was also the timescale.

The project had to be fast track to allow the R+D department to move over from their current location to the new building in a particular sequence. As APC are a global supplier the equipment was sourced around the world from USA, France and the UK.

The scheduling of the installation had to be undertaken in a manner to get maximum performance on site in the minimum time so careful programming with all trades had to be critical while slotting in deliveries from across the globe.

It was a testament to the Construction Team that the Client that the works were carried out to the Clients complete satisfaction.









Server Room Cooling


Retro fitting a new office block with a hot aisle containment cooling system


Supply and Installation of In row cooling equipment


Highly efficient, low density floor space allowing maximum density racking