R22 Refrigerant Gas Phase Out – Act Now

In excess of 100,000 air conditioning units in the UK urgently need replacing due to dramatic changes in industry legislation.

So how will this effect you?

As of January 2010 the use of virgin Refrigerant 22 was banned in the servicing & maintenance of air conditioning systems. Since January 2015 R22 units have needed to be replaced outright for more energy efficient, greener systems.

So what can we do?

Put into place a regime to replace your old equipment now!! the majority of systems running on R22 will be 15 years old or more by now and have surpassed their anticipated life expectancy.

So why replace now?

New ozone friendly R410a air conditioners have several benefits:

  • Reduced harm to the environment.
  • Reduced energy costs due to inverter power, up to 30% lower running costs than an R22 system.
  • Reduced space requirements.
  • Not supported by manufacturers’.
  • Illegal to maintain.
  • Replace before fail and save money on using existing pipework services.

So what is the catch?

There isn’t one.

You have little choices in meeting legal requirements, so don’t hesitate and replace now and start saving money immediately.

With the increase in energy costs and the projected increases, changing to new energy efficient systems with some 30% lower energy consumption, may pay for themselves quicker than you think.

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