Northrop Grumman are the second largest defence company in the world. Their business sectors include aerospace systems, electronic systems and information systems. Their key products include the B2 stealth bomber, the james webb space telescope and aircraft missile defence systems.

In the UK Northrop Grumman carry out repair and maintenance of large aircraft infrared countermeasure systems. Their existing facility was located on an old airbase which was due for closure. Due to world circumstances a new property had to be selected and modified to suit the specialist requirements of test rooms to clean room standards in double quick time with all the necessary security arrangements considered.

The team including Northrop Grumman UK, Northrop Grumman US and the United States Defence Department a building was selected and a team of Contractors had to expedite the special requirements of the specification of the test rooms to a detailed programme whilst working to stringent information controls.


The system designed, incorporated multiple VRF air conditioning systems with heat recovery ventilation to numerous offices, workshops and stores. Additional systems included close control ventilation systems to clean room conditions for the test rooms.

The key to this project was the M&E services integration. Close planning including daily wash up meetings with all personnel to ensure the project met the Clients deadlines and budget.

The Contract was completed on time and within budget and as such, an extension of the accommodation was carried out at a later date with the same team nominated by the Client.

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